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The Oklahoma Science Project was created by Oklahomans in STEM to provide educational resources to students, teachers, and parents. Every source on this site has either been created or reviewed and approved as a trustworthy source by our team (learn more about us here). Our goal is to inspire Oklahoma students to pursue careers in STEM. We believe Oklahomans are worth fighting for and deserve a top-tier STEM education. That's why we track Oklahoma legislation and let you know when there's a threat to STEM education.


Learn to program

Learn how to solve science problems using the Python programming language. These lessons were designed by our team of computational scientists from Harvard University. They are designed for beginners and no previous programming experience is needed. Give it a try!


Read the blog

Read the blog to learn about Oklahomans who have gone into STEM careers. Each blog post will tell you a different person’s story from high school to present day. You can search the blog by city to read the stories of people from your town or you can search by major and career to explore different career paths. Contribute your story to the blog by clicking here


Get involved

Want to give back to Oklahoma students? Click here to contribute your story to the blog, sign up to hear about Oklahoma legislation that is harmful to STEM education, or contact us.