Learn to Program

Learn to Program: Using programming to answer science and technology questions

Our mission

The Oklahoma Science Project strives to inspire a new generation of computational scientists by providing free online lessons to high school students that might otherwise not be exposed to the world of programming in science and technology. 

Our lessons

We have created a number of lessons that range in topic from biology to statistics, from physics to image analysis. These lessons assume no prerequisite knowledge in programming or the scientific field: they are created just for you! 

Beginners to programming will probably want to proceed through the first lessons in order, but you should also feel free to jump to lessons that interest and excite you!

To begin a lesson, click on its icon to the right. Each lesson begins by stating the learning objectives for that lesson. If the lesson still sounds interesting, then jump in! We cover both programming basics and scientific background in each lessons, with instructions interspersed with example code and mini-quizzes to check understanding. At the end of each section, we also encourage you to write your own code to solve problems. 

Our site leverages repl.it, which allows you to type and run code without leaving the site! For a more detailed tutorial on how repl.it works, see our Student Guide to Repl.it

At the end of each lesson, we will include a summary of what you learned throughout the lesson as well as a 10-question quiz to ensure that you achieved the learning objectives. 

No matter whether you try part of a lesson or you answer every question in every lesson, remember: this is an exciting time! We are at the very beginning of a wave of new technology that will change the way the world works, in ways we can't even yet appreciate. We hope you join us in learning and exploring the ways we can use technology to learn more about ourselves and the world around us!


Our Lessons

Click any of the lessons below to get started! Or click here for a list with more details about every lesson.