Vol 1(3): Frank Xie

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Frank Xie: OSP Editorial Board and Client Service Engineer at Broadway Technology                              
Written by Antonieta Salguero • Edited by F.D. Rogers, M.A.

Frank Xie is a Client Service Engineer and enjoys the challenges of his job. However, growing up he wanted to become an NFL wide receiver. “I was never athletic or tried to play sports. Rationality is overrated,” says Frank.


A Start in Stillwater
Frank is from Stillwater, OK and comes from a STEM-oriented family. Both of his parents are physics professors, and their parents have either engineering backgrounds or a doctorate. He recalls liking math puzzles from a young age and being inspired to learn about science by his maternal grandmother, who tutored him throughout his childhood.

During his time at Stillwater High School, he participated in quiz bowls and built strong relationships with the teachers who sponsored these competitions. “I would encourage all high school students to develop a good bond with any teachers they like. I know most teachers don't seem relatable or cool when you're in high school, but almost all of them have a great story, and a real desire to help people, otherwise they wouldn't be teaching,” says Frank. He also spent a summer working in an experimental physics lab, and this experience helped him realize that he wanted to do more practical work.

College at Cornell University
Upon graduation, Frank was awarded a National Merit Scholarship. He attended Cornell University where his love for hands-on work and computers led him to obtain a Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering.

A Day in the Life on an Engineer
Frank is a Client Service Engineer at Broadway Technology based in New York. This position allows him to work with bright people to plan and build complex trading systems for some of the leading financial institutions. He appreciates that every day is different and there are constant puzzles to solve, but also considers it challenging as there is always so much to accomplish in a given day.

“I implement and fine tune complex trading systems. These systems need to respond in sub-millisecond times, processing millions of transactions per minute. Over half a trillion dollars is moved through these systems daily.”

Frank believes that some important skills for a position like his are the ability to design and implement systems. He recalls his involvement in college project classes working in teams as fundamental to develop these skills and to help one “think like an engineer”.

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